Clones ready, am I?

All but 3 clones are ready to transplant, which is a bit of a problem since the big ones haven’t shown sex yet. Continue reading Clones ready, am I?


Only the clonely

These plants would probably do better in the garden, but I missed having green and growing things within sight.   Continue reading Only the clonely

Peppers are doing surprisingly well in 2L wick systems, though the ones in clear bottles are definitely showing signs of algae or something on the wicks.  In one bottle it’s more green, in the other, pinkish-brown.  The lettuces are happy and have interwoven the roots with the bamboo fibers to form a sort of tough fabric.

3/4 clones are happily transplanted into Sunshine mix, two Super Kush & one White Rhino.  I ran short of potting mix and tried to establish the other WR in a pot mostly full of hydroton with just a little mix. Despite my best efforts, pretty sure the roots died.


Here we go…

6 Bluebird seeds about to soak overnight in distilled water.  Usually I scrape in a little bit of B vitamin (the human kind, which I believe has B vitamins the plant can use plus a little citric acid that lowers pH), but this is my first indoor garden in many years, and I want to keep things as simple as possible.