Floral notes

Moved 6 Bluebird into flower under 1000W MH, they are looking huge and happy. I worry a little about root binding, but also want to keep overall height around or under 5′ without too much aggressive topiary.  Once they show sex I’ll pull the ~3 males, making room to rotate in another 3 plants in a month.  That means a perpetual 3-plant monthly harvest.

I need to harvest pollen from those males and then toss them, given our state plant count limits I can’t really keep them around.  Otherwise I would try to just keep clone “fathers” in veg for whenever.

I didn’t get a chance to really figure out the Blumats before leaving town, and they didn’t work out that well in the self-watering pots… Tomatoes ended up badly overwatered.  I poured out what was in the internal reservoirs and moved 3 in here hoping the added heat would help dry things out.  They’ll make it, but not the best start.

Among the many reasons I like growing multiple crops is that they act as harbingers… the cannabis never showed signs of being overwatered, but given the tomato performance I know I want to more carefully tune the Blumats moving forward.img_20170314_003324.jpg


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